Become an author
I know that I do not make a beautiful world myself. Let's go together. Join to our Marketplace. You can share your work, get paid and beautify web at the same time. Jellybo is worlwide market place, so it is great opportunity to show your talent to whole world. Let´s start.

Expres yourself and your work

Your work should be fun. This is opportunity to have such a job.

Earn money

Get paid for your talent. More you sell, better for you. Can you imagine yourself as the best seller on Jellybo ?

Reach more clients

Through Jellybo you can reach whole world ´s graphics. Showing talent worldwide was never easier.

You can use architecture you like the most, but if you like to know how we build, you can see it in our Developer Documentation. And do not hesitate to build your own categories of animations, we will appreciate it.

How it works

Code your own animation. Test it. Try to be 100% bug-free.
Mail it to We will check it and upload to marketplace.
Earn money
You are ready to earn money. If someone buy your animation, we will pay you your part.


How can I earn money on Jellybo?
Quite simply. Just create a beautiful animation that meets the recommended technical specification (you'll find it here) or you can come up with your own solution if you think it will be fine. The generated animation is sent to If technically fine, it will be included in the Jellybo catalog where it can be downloaded by anyone in the world. If it is downloaded by more than one person and your commission is at least 50 euros, you can claim a refund.
When and how do you pay me for my work?
We will pay you a reward if more people download your work and your commission will be at least 50 euros. In that case, you can ask for your payment by sending us mail to, stating that you want to pay your commission.
What are the criteria for animations to be included in the Jellybo Catalog?
They must be first and foremost nice. They also have to be technologically flawless - either you can follow the technical specifications that you find here, or you can work on your own solution, but you have to be convinced that it is technically right.
What category of animations should I create?
It does not matter, start the one that's best for you. If you have a proposal for another category, you can send us your proposal to and your proposal may be included in the Jellybo category.
Does it make sense to create for Jellybo?
For sure. Jellybo makes sense because it saves time and helps people sell their animations, linking people who can create nice animations with people who need nice animations. Jellybo team is working to make this Marketplace the world's largest web with micro-animations, using flawless support and good marketing. We believe that we are jointly committed to building a community of people who are set on fire for UX and UI just like us.
I want to make animations on Jellybo. How to start ?
You need to have programming and design skills. If you have one, but the other no - nothing prevents you from joining a person who will know what you are not and vice versa. As a pair, you can create many beautiful animations. It's about co-operation.
I have animations set up. How to hang them up ?
If you are happy with your animation and have it tested, you can send it to We look at it, test it, and if it's technically OK, we'll be happy to put it in the Jellybo Catalog.